Our Journey

Reclaim. Repurpose. Do Good.

Our Journey

Like so many others, Scott and Mark spent the last many years working hard, providing for their families, and enjoying the journey. Along the way, they gained professional know-how and wisdom. And out of that, a conviction took hold; they had a purpose greater than making money.

Although at different times and in different ways, both Scott and Mark began to see the world through new eyes. They were to be good stewards of the resources they possessed and use them to make other peoples’ lives better too. They longed to start a successful business that would support this desire…without selling out their values or the planet.

ˈnōbəl: Possessing excellent qualities or properties.

The Birth of Noblewood

In 2016, Scott and Mark set a new goal: launch a principled business that would reflect their ideals of business excellence and doing good for customers, communities, and the planet. The journey was long and wide-ranging. But over time, they began to find a focus rooted in their expertise and interests. The seeds of Noblewood were planted on a trip to Indonesia. Through a series of serendipitous circumstances, Scott met a family that sought to be a force for good in their community. Equally important, they were excellent artisans who handmade innovative, enduring teak products of natural beauty. From the wood itself, to the glues and stains, excellence was pursued. Over the course of several trips, Scott and Mark concluded that they had found the right partner and the right business. Repurposing rescued teak wood—a noble and strong wood—resulted in a naturally beautiful and sustainable product, while providing many avenues to impact lives. Fast forward to today. A significant portion of Noblewood’s profits go to noble causes that bring about real change. And quality jobs are made available to those who need them most. Scott and Mark’s story is Noblewood’s story. But it can be your story too. Join the Noblewood family and accept the mission:

Reclaim. Repurpose. Do Good.