Branchwood Teak

Noblewood’s unique Branchwood wall panels give new purpose
to the once disregarded branches of harvested teak trees.


While most teak branches are thrown away when the trees are harvested, Noblewood has repurposed this wood to add stunning value to any accent wall.

Noblewood’s Branchwood wall panels come unstained—showcasing the teak’s natural beauty—or they can be stained to your ideal color. (Order #5082)


Manufacturers use the trunk of the teak tree when making furniture, discarding the branches. Noblewood saw not scraps but natural beauty and repurposed them into Branchwood Teak Panels.

Do Good

Noblewood is focused on providing the highest quality products possible. That’s why each of our panels is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans. Meticulous work is put into the creation of each and every beautiful Noblewood panel.


  • Order #: 5082
  • Case Contains: 10 Pieces
  • Area Covers: 10.8 sq. ft.
  • Panel Size: 19.5” x 8”

Case Size:

  • Length: 22.5
  • Width: 9
  • Height: 8.5
  • Source: Reclaimed teak branches from Indonesia
  • Wood Species: Tectona Grandis
  • Color(s): Natural


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